Shadow Base

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Long Wheel Base (LWB)

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Long Wheel Base (LWB)
Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Long Wheel Base (LWB)
Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Long Wheel Base (LWB)
Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Long Wheel Base (LWB)
Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Long Wheel Base (LWB)
Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Long Wheel Base (LWB)
Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Long Wheel Base (LWB)
Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Long Wheel Base (LWB)
Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Long Wheel Base (LWB)
Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Long Wheel Base (LWB)
Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Long Wheel Base (LWB)
Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Long Wheel Base (LWB)
Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Long Wheel Base (LWB)
Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Long Wheel Base (LWB)
Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Long Wheel Base (LWB)
Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Long Wheel Base (LWB)
Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Long Wheel Base (LWB)
Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Long Wheel Base (LWB)
Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Long Wheel Base (LWB)
Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Long Wheel Base (LWB)
Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Long Wheel Base (LWB)
Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Long Wheel Base (LWB)
Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Long Wheel Base (LWB)
Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Long Wheel Base (LWB)

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Long Wheel Base (LWB)    Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Long Wheel Base (LWB)
Very desirable chrome bumper car in simply lovely condition. T his is a stunning presenting Silver Shadow Long Wheel Base ("LWB") sedan finished in burgundy with a black Everflex vinyl top.

It has hand-painted fine lines to the waist-rails and hubcap beauty trim rings finished in contrasting light gold. The interior is finished in ebony Connolly leather hides.

The burgundy and black combination is very elegant and classic for a Rolls-Royce. Certainly it is a hallmark of the era.

The long wheel base version of the Silver Shadow is easily identified by the small rear window (opera window) and standard fitment Everflex vinyl top, it is 4 longer in the rear door. This provides a noticeable increase in rear passenger space. This car was owned by an elderly gentleman for many years and everything about it shows utter pride of ownership and care.

The car comes with a file of receipts and a plethora of ownership information. As a Silver Shadow she ranks easily within the top 20% of examples available. Make no mistake, this Silver Shadow is quasi show class.

The exterior of the car is laser straight and rust free with the underside clean and tidy. The paint is in superb condition having been repainted in its original colour some 10 years ago.

Perfectly flat finish, professionally done to perfection and with a deep and consistent luster all over. So well looked after, the car is.

Virtually chip and blemish free. Overall, the exterior presents beautifully with all chrome and glass in excellent condition. Inside door edges and jams are clean and tidy. The black Everflex top is original and also in excellent condition. The outside of the car presents to true Rolls-Royce standards.

The interior of the car is also excellent. The leather is entirely original Connolly from factory and in beautiful condition. It displays the right amount of patina that we look for yet without a single tear, crack or unsightly blemish. It remains soft and supple without issues. Any lines you see in the pictures are normal "grain" lines and seem to be accentuated in the photos compared to real-life - there are no cracks!

The headliner is new and correct English broad cloth wool in the factory original colour. It is beautiful and being completely near new is without a single mark. Door panels, dash panel, rear parcel shelf, interior chrome work, gauges and instruments are all in very fine condition. The light African burl walnut throughout is also original and yet remains in incredible condition. With only the very slightest mark in the clear coat on one part of the dash and some tiny, tiny points on the driver door, you would be forgiven to think it was redone only a few years ago.

All the wood retains its glass-like finish. This includes all 4 doors, dash, console, rear vanity mirrors, rear window surround and dash forward finisher. And, with the beauty of only the best of burl walnut, the grain in this Silver Shadow displays a very warm grain and colour. From rich yellow ochres to those of red and brown. The interior carpets are excellent with a full set of lambswool moutons to front and rear. The trunk carpet is excellent with the correct jack and tools in place (not included at time of photos, sorry). Tyres are Michelin MX4, 225/75/15s, with the hubcaps straight and the stainless steel shiny. This is the first year for Rolls-Royce's 6.75 litre V8 (previously 6.25). Mechanically the car is in fantastic shape. Just a look under the hood says everything about its maintenance and the penchant for originality. It has been recently thoroughly work-shopped by Park-Ward with all the hydraulics/braking system serviced and working well. The car has been well maintained over the years with the more typical items such as hydraulics and brakes by example - having been done. The engine truly purrs and gear-change is smooth and quiet.

The car is very spritely in power which is a good sign of a well cared for and good condition motor. The odometer reads 51,700 miles and although not verifiable, the car looks every bit a low mileage example and we believe it! A/C blows ice cold and the heater works well.

Electricals are all serviced so windows, seats and features & functions will work as they should. All interior and exterior lighting has been checked with all bulbs and lamps operating correctly. Even the clock ticks away as it should! This Silver Shadow LWB very comfortably ranks as a 10-out-of-10 driver quality example and would sit comfortably at any Rolls-Royce show of the highest standard. A pedigree Silver Shadow, in all, this is a wonderful example that is ready to be driven and enjoyed.

It is pretty much show standard and indeed an excellent condition "driver". She ranks very comfortably as a 10 out of 10 driver. For extra photos on this fine example go to the link below. Stunning ebony Connolly leather with matching carpeting.

All original and very supple. All original tools, jack and comprehensive operating manual. Incredibly well maintained under the hood - not just detailed for sale.

Glass, chrome work, lights and lenses in good shape. Rich gold pin-striping hand-painted by an artisan in accordance with the Crewe tradition. A low 51,700 miles! Original factory fitted push-button radio available if preferred. Beautiful, original African burl walnut finishes with virtually no flaws.

African burl walnut wood finishes. Almost flawless wood & excellent leather finishes! Original Connolly "hand-rubbed" leather finish - NEVER redyed!

A Silver Shadow with poise and dignity. For those Rolls-Royce enthusiasts who have followed my auctions in the past I welcome you all.

For those who are new to my adverts and/or the marque, please note that as a serious collector of some 30 years, all my cars are truly described examples. I have my own private Rolls-Royce workshop (not open to the public but dedicated to my own cars and fellow RR enthusiasts) with trained Rolls-Royce craftsmen who are proficient in all aspects. As a team, we are dedicated to the preservation of the marque and as such, any car that leaves the stable is completely inspected and work-shopped to ensure mechanical and operational items are maintained appropriately. Because most of my cars are offered for the pleasures of driving enjoyment it is not always possible or practical to seek perfection (in the true sense of the word) but we do always uphold excellence in whatever we do. Our cars are by no means cheap priced cars but we like to think they are amongst the best. To this end, I firmly believe in the famous adage. Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten. We hope you do too. RRMOTORSINC is a division of Park-Ward Motors and The Park-Ward Motors Museum.

We can always be reached at. We at Park-Ward Motors the things we do.

When our Rolls-Royces are commissioned for resale, they are indeed professionally and correctly fully work-shopped. And it is all addressed in true Crewe tradition. There is way too much to list here but to give you an example of our commitment to excellence of.

The various processes, this is one such example of what we do. Every car has its interior door panels removed. If the wood is in need of repair (as most are) it is refinished in-house by trained and talented craftsmen at Park-Ward Motors.

This is a detailed process of stripping the wood of its old lacquer, repairing the veneer if there is damage, staining the top surface as per Rolls-Royce methodology and refinishing with no less than 25 coats of clear lacquer. Hand wet-sanded and polished between all of its last 15 coats. New window felt guides and wood-to-glass foam seals are fitted. All window mechanisms are checked and serviced for smooth and efficient up and down movement. This includes an electrical modification to rectify the typical slow window syndrome.

All tracks, chains and gears are lubricated. Where central locking is fitted, these are all serviced to ensure no solenoid sticking, another common problem. Units are repaired and or changed as required for refurbished units. Door wiring and door-to-body wiring is checked, repaired and/or replaced as required. The splash plastic on the inside of the doors to protect the leather panels from rain splash from inside the door is replaced with correct specification black plastic as used by the factory. Cut to shape and glued in position as per original. All door hardware is checked and repaired as required including locks, handles and scuttle finishes. The door is reassembled with all items cleaned and polished.

The wood refitted and the leather panels are re-Connollised before final fitment. If not paid, or if no contact is received within that period, we reserve the right to offer the car to any other party. This Rolls-Royce is part of a private collection.

I have a long standing reputation being associated with the marque which I take seriously. I take pride in my cars and have fun in collecting and restoring them.

As a collector and experienced restorer of the marque, I make every effort to bring my cars to a high standard. By comparison, my cars are generally superior to others available but they are by no means perfect. You must expect some issues. Unless specifically stated, the car is not of show standard but of nice "driver" condition. Please understand, show cars of this model cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to achieve and sell for prices commensurate, so the sale price of this car reflects its relative condition. Buyers should not expect to receive concours quality or "perfect" cars at these prices. Please also understand, the very nature of these classic Rolls-Royces is such that it is not always possible to attend to every item, or perhaps I may have inadvertently overlooked items. Further, and very importantly, these cars are classic cars also because they are old. So this means a 45 year old car is predominantly comprised of 45 year old parts.

And old parts will fail. All buyers must understand and expect that things can or will wear out, break and/or stop functioning without notice. This is even more likely with hand-built English cars of early technology when compared to the typical American car of the same vintage. Please note, fitted radio/stereo systems are usually subject to upgrade by purchasers so I do not ensure operation of these. Similarly, cruise control systems fitted to these classics were of an inferior design and I do not check or warrant the operation of these.

Suspension and brakes on these cars are complex. We thoroughly check them and replace things that are identified faulty.

But please understand, by example; if we change a brake line because it appears aged or faulty, we do NOT at the same time replace all other hoses because they are of similar age. This is considered "preventative maintenance".

Feel free to ask for this additional service. Further, a feature or function that is working perfectly one moment, may decide to play-up the next. After all, it is some 45 years old.

This is the nature of any classic car and especially a Rolls-Royce which was very "complicated" for its era. For this reason it is necessary for the following condition. If any aspect of the description contradicts what can be seen in the photos, then the photos shall prevail as the reference point.

No allowance or set aside will be made on account of any incorrectness, unforeseen imperfection, defect or damage. Being a classic car in excess of 10 years of age, in most.

States, the mileage may be recorded as exempt. Should there be any legal dispute after the sale, and I certainly hope there would never need to be! , all such disputes shall be determined in the jurisdiction of. The domicile of Park-Ward Motors. Also, you must remember that this is a classic +/-45 year old vehicle, and while it is up to you, I do not recommend that you just hop in and drive it across the country until you have familiarised yourself with the car.

At least, I have never done that. I have always professionally transported the cars in enclosed carriers from where I bought them to my home or office.

PLEASE; IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ABIDE BY THESE TERMS, CONTACT ME BEFORE YOU CONTEMPLATE DOING SO AS, RESPECTFULLY, THERE CAN BE NO EXCEPTIONS. Very simply put, this is an old car being offered for sale. It is not new and is subject to the perils of age. Further, Rolls-Royces are not without nuances, idiosyncrasies and they are renown for a host of design issues which can make them not inexpensive to maintain. This is well documented in many circles. You need to be a special and considerate type of purchaser to own. Their down-side is part of the fun in owning them! As the old saying goes; we love to hate them and hate to love them! IMPORTANT NOTE : As a professional collector and experienced restorer, I have my own Rolls-Royce dedicated workshop with qualified craftsmen on hand; The Park-Ward Motor Museum. As a passionate collector of the marque I take great pride and pleasure in passing on any of these great cars to its next owner (caretaker).

Certain items such as final electrical tests and hydraulic pressure checks are usually left for this stage as these are considered "commissioning procedures". In this case, this will include the air conditioning system of this car. This is all done at NO CHARGE. We call this; "Predelivery Commissioning". We will keep you posted every step of the way.

VALUES: Rolls-Royce values vary wildly, entirely dependent on their condition. There are, of course, other aspects that add or subtract from their values Long Wheel Base versus regular, the year which dictated certain technical changes, etc. The colour alone, for example can make a big difference. So for the benefit of new-comers to the marque please see the approximate guide to values based on a particular model below. Please remember, these are plus-or-minus figures. Hopefully this will provide a reference point for the Rolls-Royce being featured in this listing as it compares to the range of different condition examples.

So don't be fooled by "cheap buys". For any specific questions about this unique example of a Rolls-Royce, please do not hesitate to contact me. According to the London based investment research firm; Historic Automobile Group International, classic cars have appreciated on average, 13% per year since 1980, whilst overall stock values averaged an 11% gain over the same period. The following graph charts the value of collectible cars vs. The item "Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Long Wheel Base (LWB)" is in sale since Wednesday, March 09, 2016.

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  • Year: 1971
  • Make: Rolls-Royce
  • Model: Silver Shadow
  • Trim: - Long Wheel Base ("LWB")
  • Engine: 6.75 Liter Rolls-Royce V8
  • Drive Type: Rear wheel drive
  • Mileage: 51700
  • Sub Model: - Long Wheel Base ("LWB")
  • Exterior Color: Burgundy (Maroon)
  • Interior Color: Black Connolly leather interior
  • Number of Cylinders: 8
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Body Type: 4 door sedan
  • Warranty: Warranty offered
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Options: Cassette Player
  • Power Options: Air Conditioning
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Title: Stunningly beautiful, original presenting LWB Silver Shadow. Chrome bumper model
  • SubTitle: Stunningly beautiful, original presenting LWB Silver Shadow. Chrome bumper model
  • VIN: LRX-9165
  • VIN Number: LRX-9165
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  • Deposit amount: 2000.0
  • Deposit type: 1

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Long Wheel Base (LWB)    Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Long Wheel Base (LWB)